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Lionhead Doe

Daisy is 2 years old and proven to breed. She has been shown in 4H, received purple and blue. We are getting out of lionheads to make room for our other breeds. Daisy is used to being handle…

Price: $40    Category: Pets > Exotic

Ayam Cemani chicks and Chickens available

In Asia, the Ayam Cemani is believed to have mystical powers in their black meat as they are for their extraordinary inked-black feathers that shimmer with a metallic sheen of beetle green…

Price: $40    Category: Pets > Exotic

Ball Python Morphs

We have decided that we are going to rehome the majority of our Ball Python Collection. We have a variety of Ball Pythons, ALL MORPHS, Both Male & Female, Babies to Adults, with an array of …

Price: $100    Category: Pets > Exotic

Hedgehog Babies Available Now - USDA Licensed Breeder

Northern Plains Hedgehogs is a USDA Licensed Breeder located in northeast South Dakota and serving the upper Midwestern states. We strive to produce quality, healthy hedgehogs that are well-…

Price: $0    Category: Pets > Exotic