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Healthy ostrich chicks, hatching eggs , feather and other Birds for sale

We are professional worldwide providers of live ostrich, fertile ostrich eggs, and all needed incubation and hatching equipment, including worldwide sales and delivery of Bluebonnet Feeds,…

Price: $30    Category: Pets > Miscellaneous

Soay Rams

One 4 year old soay ram and two yearling Rams. Prices start at $125. Call only.

Price: $125    Category: Pets > Miscellaneous

Miniature Cheviot Sheep

Miniature Cheviot sheep, AMCSBA registered. Lambs are about 5lbs at birth and mature under 23 inches. They are hardy, active and easy keepers. Great for pets on small acreages. Prices start…

Price: $200    Category: Pets > Miscellaneous