January 06, 2018

Established Turnkey Consignment Business for Sale by Owner


Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Turnkey Consignment Business for Sale by Owner, in Sioux Falls, SD. Location is on 41st Street and Prairie in the Gilrich Mall I Plaza. Business Space is a commercial space that is leased out by Gilrich Properties in SF. Space size is 1000 sq ft. Price for business is $36,000 and includes all signage, racks, shelving, hangers, counter, cash register, wall slats, hooks, open sign, phone, customer list, facebook page, website, inventory trackng computer program, and so forth. Merchandise in store are consigned therefore you don't pay until the merchandise is sold. Monthly commission checks are mailed out to current consignors. Commission is 37% of the selling price. For full details call Ph.605-271-1057 during daytime hours. Address is 1014 W. 41st St in SF, SD, 57104.

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