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wether lambs

3 wether lambs, spring lambs. $125, located by sioux falls

Price: $125    Category: Agriculture > Livestock

Desert and Barbado ewes

Barbados been raised here good mothers. barely ever loose lamb. ages 2-4 . derset ewes bought as lambs they are good mothers too. they been running with Dersert big painted black and white r…

Price: $175    Category: Agriculture > Livestock

Puppies for Sale

I have three male puppies available yet. They were born 8/20/17. They are 1/2 Border Collie, 1/4 Golden Retriever, 1/4 Labrador. All are Black and White. They will be amazing and loving dogs…

Price: $250    Category: Agriculture > Livestock

Soay Rams

One 4 year old soay ram and two yearling Rams. Prices start at $125. Call only.

Price: $125    Category: Agriculture > Livestock

Miniature Cheviot Sheep

Miniature Cheviot sheep, AMCSBA registered. Lambs are about 5lbs at birth and mature under 23 inches. They are hardy, active and easy keepers. Great for pets on small acreages. Prices start…

Price: $200    Category: Agriculture > Livestock

medium miniature bulls

2 medium miniature bulls for sale, both will be 2yrs in April. The black one should mature about 46", the red/white bull should be around 50". All grass, no drugs. quiet dispositions. re…

Price: $1,200    Category: Agriculture > Livestock

mini guilded graybar male donkey

2 year old mini graybar donkey. guilded. very friendly. loves treats. he's like a big dog. will sound off if there's wild animals near your livestock.

Price: $150    Category: Agriculture > Livestock

mini graybar donkey

7 year old mini gray-bar donkey. very tame. good watch-dog for your other livestock. has purebred papers. located s.e. of freeman, SD.

Price: $150    Category: Agriculture > Livestock

Olde English Babydoll Miniature Lambs Wethered

Olde English Babydoll Miniature Sheep Wethered. Great pets! Adorable, Must see.

Price: $150 obo   Category: Agriculture > Livestock

used chicken egg cartons

we have a number of used 12 cell and 18 cell used egg cartons for large chicken eggs. $0.10/ea for 12 cell; $0.25/ea for 18 cell (some are styrofoam) We also have a limited number of 24 cel…

Price: $0 obo   Category: Agriculture > Livestock

Continuous Fence Panels

Endless Fencing Panels, horse friendly but strong enough for your cows. We take pride in every panel that's made, they are made by the owner who is a certified welder. Short lead times. We h…

Price: $90    Category: Agriculture > Livestock


We have 4 guineas for sale hatched early June. $60 for all four. If interested call 605-928-3899. If no answer, please leave a clear message with your phone number and we WILL return …

Price: $60 obo   Category: Agriculture > Livestock