KELOLAND Terms & Conditions

I understand that by submitting my classified ad to, I expressly grant KELO and its affiliates a nonexclusive right to reproduce, adapt, display, and distribute such content in any form worldwide, in perpetuity. I represent and warrant that the classified ad, as well as the photograph and the visual art depicted on the ad are my own original work and that I possess all rights necessary to grant these distribution rights to KELO. I agree to indemnify and hold KELO and its affiliates harmless from any and all claims arising out of any breach of these representations (including any claim that KELO's or its affiliates' use of such materials infringes the copyright, trademark or other rights of any third party). I agree KELO may remove my classified ad for any reason at any time, including, but not limited to, for objectionable content, as judged by KELO in its sole and exclusive discretion.