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Queen Victoria Lovelace fine china

Elegant Queen Victorian fine china. White with white Lovelace pattern and silver trim. Backstamped. I have 12 dinner plates, 12 bowls, 10 smaller plates, 6 saucers, 5 cups and 1 serving d…

Price: $80    Category: Services > Miscellaneous

Custom Posters, Flyers, Ads, Product or Service Info Sheets for Small Businesses, Organizations or Events.

Have a custom-designed ad created to advertise your business or organization. Ready to be shared on: • Facebook / Swap sites / Social media • Online Ads, Websites or Blogs • Email or …

Price: $30    Category: Services > Computer

Affordable & Creative Website Design

Do you need a website? If so, I can help you out. I am a Website Designer, and I am a huge supporter of small business, because I know how rewarding it is to start your own business and serv…

Price: $0    Category: Services > Freelance