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Julianna potbelly cross

Born on our farm. Males and females. Solid, stripes and spots. Lots of color. These piglets are from my son's pets. Though they are pigs they think they are dogs. They are incredibly smart a…

Price: $50    Category: Pets > Exotic

Jack the Rex Rabbit

Jack is a Rex rabbit. Jack is very sweet, loves to go to shows, and be petted and brushed. He has an ear tattoo number which is J15. He was shown twice by a beginner and a junior and won Gra…

Price: $10 obo   Category: Pets > Exotic

Freddy the Chicken

Freddy is a Silver Grey Dorking. Dorkings are a rare breed originating from Europe. What's unique about these chickens is they have five toes instead of four. Freddy is very social and loves…

Price: $10 obo   Category: Pets > Exotic


AMHR MINIATURE MARE Angel is a 2012 AMHR registered Mare. She is 32.75". She is exposed to 31.50" AMHR BAY PINTO STALLION for 2020. She is out of Nat.Champ. Fantasy Corrals IMA Hot Ro…

Price: $550    Category: Pets > Exotic