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White faced pied female cockatiel

Since I have not had any luck finding a mate for her . I have a white faced pied female cockatiel she has laid eggs but since she doesn't have a mate right now her eggs weren't fertilized. S…

Price: $150    Category: Pets > Birds

Unwanted birds

If you have a bird or birds you no longer want and can't find homes for them please contact me. I will take unwanted birds. I have bird experience and will take great care of them. I know a …

Price: $12,345    Category: Pets > Birds

Double Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots For Sale

I am looking for good homes for my 2 years old Pair of Blue & Gold macaw parrots. My birds are hand tamed, well socialized from hatch. My birds are healthy and can talk, make good sounds and…

Price: $550    Category: Pets > Birds