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Canadian Sphynx Kitten Ryder For Sale

Our kittens are well socialized, litter trained and raised as part of our family. Used to their baths and general cleaning. They have never been caged and have their own spacious cat room.

Price: $300    Category: Pets > Cats

Gentle Male Cat in Mitchell Pound

This intact adult male with really neat markings in kennel 20 at the Mitchell pound was found in the 1200 block of E 1st on 3/11. He's pretty scared and unsure of his environment (this is n…

Price: $1    Category: Pets > Cats

Available - Sean - Friendly Male Tabby in Foster Care

We rescued Sean, this good lookin' guy, from the Mitchell pound. He's a very sweet boy and loves attention. We're going to neuter him and make sure he's healthy and up to date on his vaccin…

Price: $75    Category: Pets > Cats

Please Consider Becoming a Cat Foster

Mitchell Animal Rescue is looking for temporary cat foster homes. Cat and Kitten season will be upon us shortly. It's simple - you provide daily love, care and a safe haven for the cat, we…

Price: $0    Category: Pets > Cats