March 11, 2018

Australian Shepherd Pups for Work, Show or Family Dog


Location: Holabird, SD

Offered by well established, reputable kennel. Proven bloodlines- sold nationwide, but raised in the heart of South Dakota. Selling locally at an affordable price. Registerable in the Australian Club of America, which is the parent club of the breed, and the largest single breed registry in the United States. Cost will be softened for veterans, the disabled, young children or if the pup will be trained for use as a service dog. Breeding program focuses primarily on working ability- intelligence, agility and disposition; but conformation, color, eye appeal, are all outstanding as well. Guaranteed of course. We are a family kennel, owned and operated by myself (Michael Davis), and my son (Leeam Davis)- dba as Chapelle Creek Farm and Kennels. We are not a puppy mill. Dogs are born, bred, raised and trained on our place, and regularly roam along 1.5 miles of creek bottom and several thousand acres of virgin prairie land. Basic training program offered (for a fee) on in house dogs up to three months of age. Will try to help with delivery if needed, and can usually accommodate at least partial delivery. We grow big rocks and raise great dogs in our kennels. Email or text messages preferred when possible- or (605)222-2439; but calls will be taken between 7:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. as well. Every pup is usually equal in all qualities to its littermates...except in coloring. This is a big, well-bred litter (12), there's a lot of variation in general appearance, and the flashy pups are, of course, more popular to some people (especially those wanting a pup to be used as seed stock, and ones to be used for show). Accordingly, price is based on hair coat color, ranging from $650-$1,150. Colorations include: bi, tri, trim, shepherd spots, full or partial white collars and/or blue eyes. Additional fee for air freight if required. Complementary rock included. :-) Thank you for your consideration. Michael and Leeam Davis (A high quality litter of Labrador pups is also due to whelp next week,, and will be available in late May)

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