October 27, 2018

1929 Sioux Falls $20 Banknote. John Dillinger/Baby Face Nelson robbery.


Location: Brandon, SD

Very nice condition 1929 $20 banknote from Security National Bank in Sioux Falls, SD. Ungraded but you will receive the exact bill you see in the picture. Could this bill have ended up in the hands of John Dillinger or Baby Face Nelson? These bills have a great story to go with them. Keep reading!  On March 6th, 1934, John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson robbed the Security National Bank in downtown Sioux Falls. Baby Face Nelson fired his Tommy Gun at the start of the robbery, shattering a window on the Ninth Street side of the building and wounding a police officer who was running to the scene from City Hall. Dillinger and his gang members ended up getting away with $46,000.  They skipped town in a green Packard, taking four women hostage, forcing them to ride on the car's running boards.  All were later released unharmed.  The robbers then cut through the town of Shindler, crossed the Big Sioux River into Iowa, went through the town of Granite and vanished. The money was never recovered.

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