July 31, 2020

Barbecue Charcoal, COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL For Sale


Location: sioux falls, SD

We are professionals and we have established a guarantee business to supply high quality of Charcoal products our team is specialize in all type of Charcoal. Shipping is available withing the U.S.A and overseas we also sell at a very moderate prise to maintain constant supply and keep great deals with our customers. We also accept all type of smooth payment methods depending on the customers purchasing order. To list a few of our products in stock: .COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL, .Hexagon Briquette Sawdust charcoal, .Natural Wood Charcoal, .Binchotan White Charcoal, .Barbecue Charcoal(lights quickly and burns hot. Packed in 3Kg and 6Kg bags) .WHITE COFFEE CHARCOAL (Long Burning Time Eco-friendly low ash) Good deal awaits you with great discounts in every product purchase from us and we also guarantee you accurate shipping and delivery more information on specification will be provided upon request. contact... trademeproducts100@gmail.com

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