August 08, 2020

Liquid CoQ10 Qunol


Location: Sioux Falls , SD

Liquid CoQ10 is a wonderful product and all about absorption. Qunol is the leader in the industry. Your body will absorb 95% of this enzyme vs. 50% if you take the pill. Also feel results in 2 weeks or less instead of 1-2 months. My cardiologist recommended it and I've been very happy with its effectiveness. I have 6 of the 30.4oz bottles (They retail for $40ea) & 6 of the 16oz bottles($10). Buy ALL 12 bottles for ONLY $150. They have a 4ever shelf life and don't expire as it's a fermented product. It truly is a great for your health, GNC calls it natural ibuprofen. I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't take it myself. Please don't hesitate to call or text me with any questions anytime. Appreciate the interest.

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