October 17, 2021

12 Heavy Duty Wooden Shipping Crates with Canvas/Vinyl Sealable Liners- Fork Lift Ready


Location: Watertown

These shipping crates are in very good condition. They have square legs on the bottom so they can be moved with a fork lift. 11 of them are 40" long x 22" wide x 24" tall. 1 of them is 31" long x 21" wide x 24" tall. They all have zipper sealable canvas/vinyl liners that are custom built to fit each box. If you need to store or ship items and keep them clean and dry, these crates would work well for that. These would be very expensive to make with the cost of material these days, especially with the sealable liners. The large ones weigh 64 pounds each. I have 11 nail on lids for the bigger boxes. They still have about 100 nails still in them from when they were removed from the crates. The side boards in the boxes are 3/4" thick and 6" wide. The box bottoms are made of 5/8" thick x 4" wide boards. 4 of the larger crates have miner dings they received in transport. Easily fixable. These could used from anything from storage, shipping, or would make great garden planters. These are at my shop in Watertown, SD. Will sell individually upon request for $75.00 each. Contact Dave at 1-605-881-3473.

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